The Innovation Systems Company

About Us

Futures Diamond is a spin-off company built on a combined 20+ years research, innovation and information technology (IT) experience of Dr Rafael Popper and Jan Klusáček. By joining forces, Popper and Klusáček aim to position Futures Diamond as a leading player in the provision of state-of-the-art technologies and systems for Foresight & Horizon Scanning (FHS) processes.

  • Foresight is a systematic, participatory, prospective and policy-oriented process which, with the support of environmental and horizon scanning approaches, is aimed to actively engage key stakeholders into a wide range of activities anticipating, recommending and transforming (ART) technological, economic, environmental, political, social and ethical (TEEPSE) futures.

  • Horizon Scanning (HS) is a structured and continuous activity aimed to monitor, analyse and position (MAP) “frontier issues” that are relevant for policy, research and strategic agendas. The types of issues mapped by HS include new/emerging: trends, policies, practices, stakeholders, services, products, technologies, behaviours, attitudes, “surprises” (wild cards) and “seeds of change” (weak signals).

What we do

We design and develop systems and technological solutions supporting research and innovation processes associated to the three phases of the policy/strategy cycle:

  • Exploring phase ⇒ policy/strategy formulation
  • Shaping phase ⇒ policy/strategy realisation
  • Learning phase ⇒ policy/strategy evaluation

We offer SMARTER solutions for:


Scoping futures


Mobilising futures


Anticipating futures


Recommending futures


Transforming futures


Evaluating futures


Renewing futures