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Digitized social chart record

19.05.2015 | Giulia Pessina

The “smart welfare” project is granted by Lombardy Region with the aim to develop a social chart that can be used by all Municipality of Monza e Brianza Province (55 municipalities). The digitized social chart will be managed by the social workers of the municipality and aims at improving the situation of isolated elderly people and the family involved.

The social chart automatically gathers data via smart links from civil registry, health offices (i.e. legal disability; paediatrician or general practitioner; elderly specific therapies, juvenile court acts; etc.), schools; patrimonial and economic governmental agencies; so that the social worker(s) have all the information needed to understand the situation of the family involved. The social worker(s) share the social digitized chart and add information so that all social and medical workers involved are updated about the situation. Public authorities will be able to access all the data gathered in the social chart, analyse the data and have a comprehensive overview of health and social issues related to elderly citizens, in order to respond with appropriate policy measures to citizens’ needs.

Relevant themes: Sustainable innovation
Relevant tags: Technological innovation, Sustainability


  • Giulia Pessina - Comune di Monza (Municipality of Monza), (COMUNE DI MONZA)

    Giulia Pessina

    I work by Monza Municipality since about 20 years. In the past I also managed some neighborhood stakeholder groups focused on youngers’ problems.
    Now I deal with Municipality offices who look for and manage projects supported by different Authorities