Public Participation in Developing a Common Framework for the Assessment and Management of Sustainable Innovation

How to create sustainable development?

11.11.2016 | Raquel Sousa

Entrepreneurship and small businesses are one of the corners of the world economy, responsible for a large share of breakthrough innovations that influence the growth of the free market economy and its general performance.

The concept of sustainability has been of incremental importance over the years, and is commonly defined as ‘development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’ (World Commission on Environment and Development). The major milestone for global sustainable development was undoubtedly the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, where several important documents were approved, including Agenda 21. This document is intended to guide nations to sustainable development in the formulation of policies and practices for sustainability and encourages the participation of individuals in this development process. The perception of the different dimensions and challenges of sustainability anticipates the question of what is the entrepreneur’s role in organizations in order to create sustainable development?

Entrepreneurs construct new rules by delivering new products, establishing more efficient and effective processes, innovating in ways that lead to the development of new markets, and shaping new norms and beliefs. Entrepreneurs should act according to the planetary boundaries and implemen sustainable processes from the very beginning with result of contributing to society based on sustainable development.

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