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Renewable Sources of Energy in Poznan Science and Technology Park (PL)

Renewable Sources of Energy in Poznan Science and Technology Park (PL)
02.04.2015 | Jakub Betkowski

Poznan Science and Technology Park will study renewable sources of energy. Newly open Photovoltaic Laboratory will elaborate methods of efficient and effective use of solar energy in enterprises as well as for individual private users. Photovoltaic Laboratory consists of a system of solar panels which combines innovative technology for managing production and consumption of electric energy.

Photovoltaic Laboratory- the ninth laboratory situated in Poznan Science and Technology Park is following the PSTP mission to apply latest science achievements for the business and society needs. Laboratory is already cooperating with a sewage-treatment plant, hospitals and companies using high energy consuming production lines.

Analysis shows that the market for photovoltaic technology in Poland is in an early stage of development, which should speed-up rapidly, especially after the President of Poland having signed the Renewable Sources of Energy Act. The new regulations foresee incentives for individual energy suppliers who are both producers and consumers of electricity, for example, owners of private backyard solar plants.

The photovoltaic installation in Poznan Science and Technology Park will be used mostly for research and technological projects. According to analytics, there are  challenges creating unnecessary costs for companies linked to weak grids, high costs of plug in and losses during the transfer. The main objective of Photovoltaic Laboratory is to lower the costs, increase energy efficiency and protect the natural environment. Photovoltaic Laboratory can be regarded as a demonstration project that aims at answering a critical issue in the debate on whether or not to choose for solar energy, namely 'are solar panels an economically efficient source of energy?'. And if yes, in what circumstances and for whom.

The Laboratory aims at answering those questions through service portfolio, including audits for purchase and delivery of energy, identification of ways to lower the costs and to manage energy consumption in the company, innovative metric systems, modernization of existing circuit and delivery of green energy produced by partner solar plants.


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