Public Participation in Developing a Common Framework for the Assessment and Management of Sustainable Innovation


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Innovation Fur

Innovation Fur is a development project launched by the island of Fur, Skive municipality, and EnergiMidt. The platform is the Danish island Fur. The vision is to transform Fur into a miniature model of the sustainable society of the future where modern technology is utilised to achieve a green profile. Innovation Fur is a ’Living Lab’, which is a way to explore innovative possibilities between public and private actors.
’We have a unique partnership between a group of dedicated citizens, a municipality with green ambitions, and a private company with experts on energy and fibre optics. We can all make various contributions which means that all aspects are taken into account. We want to create a project that may inspire citizens, municipalities, regions, and politicians. We also have a continuous dialogue with scientists, investors, and companies interested in testing new technology on Fur’-Gitte Wad Thybo, R&D Manager at EnergiMidt & project manager of Innovation Fur. (English presentation here:

Related sector

  • D - Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
  • H - Transporting and storage
  • M - Professional, scientific and technical activities

SI Lead organisation

EnergiMidt Forsyning og Service A/S - Business actor ( Medium to large private organisations (Corporations, Firms) )

SI Scope

Island of Fur, Skive municipality (Denmark)

SI Process

Start Date: January 2010 End Date: Ongoing

Start Date: January 2011 End Date: Ongoing

Start Date: April 2011 End Date: Ongoing

Start Date: January 2013 End Date: Ongoing

Link to H2020 SI Priorities

  • Resource efficient sustainable lifestyles
  • Eco-innovation and green economy transition

SI Type

  • Governance - Innovation Fur is a new way of regional development where municipal authorities engage with citizens and energy companies in this so called ’Living Lab’-model.
  • Organisational / Business model - The project explores the value of ’Living Labs’ - a way to organise knowledge sharing and promote innovation.
  • Marketing - The project also aims at making it attractive for people to visit Fur (maybe even settle), and thereby they seek to reverse the trend of people moving away from the island and region.

SI Objectives

  • Fur is to be CO2-neutral (within the energy and transport sector) in 2020.
  • In the project period 2011 - 2015 an annual climate impact report is to be produced.
  • The number of visitors to the island should be increased by 25.000 compared to 2010.
  • By 2015 all homes on Fur should have a high speed internet via fiber solutions.
  • It should be natural for the inhabitants of Fur to seek out energy efficient and CO2-neutral solutions.
  • To contribute to the development of the sustainable welfare society in the future by demonstration of: Modern technology; Digitalisation of public service, healthcare and education; and Energy saving solutions.
  • To be a source of inspiration for citizens, municipalities, cooperatives, politicians, scientists, and investors.

SI Origin

The project of Innovation Fur was initiated in 2010 by the Island of Fur, Skive Municipality, and the private energy company EnergiMidt. Prior to this a public-private collaboration had led to the formulation of the Branding Fur strategy with the aim to reduce the continuing decrease in the island population. Because the project is a Living Lab the innovation process itself is also the product.

SI Factors of success

  • Technological - There are specific goals to expand digital and energy saving solutions among the island inhabitants
  • Economic - In a larger context it is also a goal to increase tourism and therefore secure the livelihood for the island economy as well as its popularity.
  • Environmental - Fur should be CO2-neutral (within the energy and transport sector) by 2020.
  • Social - It is a specific objective of Innovation Fur to affect the behaviour of the inhabitants towards a more sustainably conscious mindset.


  • Primary - Official and partner webpages: Description of ambitions, processes, and outcomes. Climate impact report 2010: Facts on the achievements so far (See it here: Interview with project manager Gitte Thybo Interview with the municipal director Per Nors
  • Secondary - Newspaper articles: Description of outcomes and background.