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Toring Turbine®, Water aerator for introduction oxygen into water

The Toring Turbine aerator, so-called Self-Aspirating Aerator is the product of many years of research and study about the necessity of oxygen in water - for purifying the waste water. This aerator is the best aerator in the market place regardless of the industry or application.

Related sector

  • A - Agriculture, forestry and fishing
  • D - Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
  • E - Water supply; sewerage; waste management and remediation activities

SI Lead organisation

Toring turbine d. o. o. - Business actor ( Small private organisations (SME) )

SI Scope

EU countries

SI Process

Start Date: 2003 End Date: 2009

This innovative product is in development constantly (ongoing the new models, designs etc.) and new areas to apply this product. Innovators have more and more demand to develop their product - their clients are interested in this product / future products, which are developing.

Link to H2020 SI Priorities

  • Solutions for water imbalances
  • Climate action eco-innovation policies

SI Type

  • Product / Process - it is a product meant for purifying waste water.
  • Marketing - As this product has still more applications, has still more demand and market is expanding faster.

SI Objectives

  • Purifying waste water for animal/fishes.
  • Reduce illness due to the waste water.
  • Reduce use of electricity (due to the high efficiency).
  • Reduce mortality in the aquaculture (by adding oxygen).
  • Reduce the costs in: gas and oil industry, waste water, pond aeration, livestock tanks etc.
  • Eliminate stress to fish and aquatic organisms.
  • Reduce algal blooms.
  • Reduce mosquito populations.
  • Prevents freezing.
  • Diminishes noxious odors.

SI Origin

The SI process was initiated with an idea that the main problem in the world is waste water - necessity of drinking water and mortality of living being due to the lack of pure water. This product is ecologically oriented towards solving global problem of waste/clean water.

SI Factors of success

  • Technological - Effect of similar products of the market. Remark on the leading area of the world.
  • Economic - High efficiency over time.
  • Environmental - Ecological orientation. Desire for a better tomorrow.


  • Primary - Innovators have much more ideas to develop the product, with not enough money they can’t do it, but slowly they will have the opportunities to develop the product into better aerator.
  • Secondary - This product seriously can help to the world, where the question is water /never pure enough. This is constant development about purifying the water.