16.11.2016 - by Monika Popper

CASI 11th EU-level Policy Brief published

CASI has published 11th EU-level policy brief, which introduces policy options for responsible research, sustainability and innovation.

In the past couple of decades European societies have been facing challenges and uncertainties of an unprecedented scale. Without a doubt among the greatest ones today is climate change and a myriad of issues pertinent to it – how to decouple economic growth from the ever growing greenhouse gas emissions, how to move towards a more sustainable lifecycle of products and build a resource-efficient and sustainable economy, how to advance bio-economy in Europe and promote sustainable consumption. In order to effectively tackle these challenges, cooperation needs to be sought with the societal stakeholders such as businesses, civil society and the academia, who strive towards finding common solutions in developing services and products based on the existing needs. CASI effectively integrates the perspectives of civil society, SMEs, industry, policy stakeholders, and academia, by setting up and continuously expanding a network for mutual learning, dialogue and cooperation. This policy brief provides insights into the methodology of CASI and the tools developed through the project pace with a focus on the voice of citizens, the main lessons obtained from innovators, and the key messages extracted from current sustainable innovation (SI) policy discourses. Through this trilogy, CASI aims to provide policy makers with a strategic SI big picture and a consistent vision of European sustainable innovation practices.”

The full brief can be downloaded here