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Policy brief on CASI tools for the Czech Republic


Latest CASI national-level policy brief from Futures Diamond on 'Strengthening sustainable innovation policy with CASI tools: Insights from and for the Czech Republic' has been published and can be downloaded from the CASI Library.

Executive summary:

"Sustainability is seen as a driving force of innovation. Furthermore, sustainability-oriented innovation can create solutions to economic, environmental and social challenges, thus promoting multi-systemic transformational changes while maintaining competitiveness and growth. To ensure that national innovation systems function adequately in order to deliver value and sustainable transformations, public policy should be designed taking into consideration multiple critical issues that shape sustainable innovation (SI) from the perspective of all SI stakeholders, thus promoting more foresightful, evidence-based and inclusive governance, as well as improved collaboration and engagement of SI actors. The CASI project has developed and used a set of protocols and tools, which can strengthen the development of SI policy. These include a common framework for the assessment and management of SI, supported by a set of interconnected online tools, namely CASIPEDIA, Ideas Bank and Actions Bank; and a citizen engagement methodology developed and adopted from an FP7 Blue Sky research project CIVISTI (Bedsted et al., 2016) that was used to formulate citizen-based research priorities for SI. CASI has mobilised and engaged the quadruple-helix of SI stakeholders in a number of national-level events that facilitated mutual learning and dialogue on wider societal engagement in SI. Specific SI policy needs have emerged during the Policy Dialogues, organised in 12 European countries, and will be used in this policy brief in order to show a potential application of the CASI protocols and tools to address the selected policy need".

Enjoy the read!