Public Participation in Developing a Common Framework for the Assessment and Management of Sustainable Innovation


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The technology of briquetting damp biomass grass type i.e. straw, hay, reed etc. Very simple in construction and use and available to small village communities or single farmers.

Related sector

  • A - Agriculture, forestry and fishing
  • E - Water supply; sewerage; waste management and remediation activities

SI Lead organisation

ASKET - Business actor ( Medium to large private organisations (Corporations, Firms) )

SI Scope

Wielkopolska Region (Poland)

Link to H2020 SI Priorities

  • Climate change mitigation solutions
  • Resource efficient sustainable lifestyles

SI Type

  • Product / Process - Device that can produce alternative fuel and is very mobile. Sharing of device in local community.

SI Objectives

  • Easier access to device that creates ecofriendly fuel
  • Collaboration for resource efficiency in small communities

SI Origin

Devices created by ASKET are mobile one-piece equipment that can be operated by single person. For that reason they can be bought for local communities and shared among its citizens. People created schemes where they share both machinery and warehouses for briquette.

SI Factors of success

  • Technological - Mobility of device. Device is user friendly.
  • Social - Ability to form objective oriented community


  • Primary - Ability to form objective oriented community