Public Participation in Developing a Common Framework for the Assessment and Management of Sustainable Innovation


The CASI Actions Bank is an action or advice co-creation tool that helps to explore ways in which critical issues could be managed at strategic, tactical and operational levels, and developing policy roadmaps for prioritised actions. The Actions Bank promotes a more systematic and multi-level advice management for sustainable innovation initiatives. The management of advice is structured around three most common management levels of advice, namely: strategic (top-level management); tactical (mid-level management) and operational (front-line management). In addition, during the fourth step of CASI-F methodology, actions are targeted at the following four actors representing the quadruple helix of sustainable innovation (1) government; (2) business; (3) civil society; and (4) research and education. The mapping of these actions can be conducted individually by the innovator (self-assessment), a trained mapper (CASI team member or country correspondent) or collectively by a group of experts or CASI community members invited to contribute to a given SI initiative. While most actions in the Actions Bank are automatically extracted from CASIPEDIA mapping results, users can also access a separate input form and add actions by clicking on the ‘add action’ button without mapping a case.