Public Participation in Developing a Common Framework for the Assessment and Management of Sustainable Innovation

About the blog

The CASI policy blog is a non-stop knowledge hub with opinions, statements and reflections about SI-related policies that are accessible and readable by a broad audience, supporting the focus of the CASI project on public engagement in research and innovation.

Policies are understood as broader than only government policies, adhering to the concept of governance. In this respect, policies can refer to a course or principle of action, guiding principle or procedure adopted or proposed by individuals, organisations, businesses, political parties or governments intended to influence and determine decisions, actions and other matters.

Via the CASI policy blog, the CASI project aims at supporting policy development dissemination on a European, national and local level, in addition to improving awareness on SI-related policies. 

If you have any questions related to writing a blog post, please contact Sarah Van Eynde: