12.01.2017 - by Monika Popper

CASI 12th EU-level Policy Brief published

The CASI project has published its 12th EU-level policy brief. This time the brief looks into the societal challenges of climate change and possible responses and actions to support the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the Marrakesh Plan for Action through putting the politics back into public engagement.

The final conference of CASI that was held in Brussels on November 16-17, addressed the issue of societal challenges related to climate change and the role of civil society and other stakeholders through public participation in the democratization of research and creation of new disciplines and new research topics. In order to reach the goals set in the Paris agreement, the new type of environmental governance based on the societal mobilisation is needed. The knowledge based society and the triple helix model presenting the symbiosis of science, society and policy may be the answer. This policy brief is addressing the challenges, conclusions and actions projected in the Paris agreement and the Marrakesh Plan of Action and is proposing the set of policy recommendations aimed at faster implementation of the envisioned actions and strengthening of the commitment of all relevant stakeholder groups.

The full text of the brief can be viewed or downloaded here.