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Insects – the dish of the future

Country: Czech Republic
Theme: Energy and production
Sectors: Manufacturing, Agriculture
Priorities: Exploring the introduction of insect food

Replacing costly and often inadequate diet with nutritious insects.

What are the benefits of this vision?


  • Breeding and producing insect-based food may offer new job opportunities, while reducing imports of food and other related activities
  • Financial savings from reduced import of meat products
  • Insects are easy to breed as they feed on debris and waste
  • There are plenty of insects, which can be found throughout the planet and in any country


  • Breeding of insects does not produce CO2 as part of livestock production and therefore do not
  • Contribute to global warming
  • Achieving government emission target
  • Decrease in meat production and consumption


  • Insects are healthy and contain large amounts of protein, while reducing the incidence of cardiovascular disease and other chronic conditions that are induced by red meat consumption
  • There are possibilities of various modifications such as the consumption of insects in the form of nutritional cocktails, which are more visually attractive
  • People can capture, keep and cook insects themselves, thus being self-sufficient
  • Protection and respect for animals; reducing animal cruelty

What are possible negative consequences of this vision?

  • Large number of insects needed to feed a person
  • Potential fear and uncertainty towards novel products
  • Low demand for meat products affecting meat production sector and international trade

What is required for achieving this future? (knowledge, policies, resources, skills, etc.)


  • Promote standards and legislation for breeding and consumption of insects in the EU
  • Develop regulations for the safe breeding and processing technologies
  • Develop effective monitoring and quality control

Knowledge and skills

  • Marketing and familiarization with insect-based products and services
  • Thorough research on the impact of insects’ consumption
  • A cookbook with attractive recipes and images
  • Societal reassurance and cultural/behavioural change


  • Build a complete new infrastructure for breeding, storing, trading and consuming insects
  • Develop human resources, i.e. a new workforce dealing with the supply and demand of insect-based products and services

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