Public Participation in Developing a Common Framework for the Assessment and Management of Sustainable Innovation


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Network for a world as home

Country: Italy
Theme: Living and spaces
Sectors: ICT, Other services
Priorities: Impact of virtual communities in behaviour change

The aim of this vision is to create a network that can create connections among citizens. This network can be composed of organizations and informal groups already active in the promotion of low energy consumption, circular economy, ethical purchase and other groups active in the field of sustainability. The benefit of this network is to foster the exchange of competences among groups, creating a system of mutual aid where each group can be supported and complementary to the other. Sustainability has to be included in the organization values and daily activities. This is why inside the network there will be a system for sharing goods and tools. The network has an inclusive approach, especially towards newcomers, both groups and individuals. They have to feel the network and at a later stage, in general, the environment as their own. The network has to be open and resilient.

What are the benefits of the vision? For whom?

The benefit of this vision is that it supports the mutual aid among citizens. The mission of the network is the optimization of resources through the daily job activities. This approach shall generate the economic as well as pollution saving. The sharing of knowledge is the most important outcome of the network and allows starting of the new experience, improving the one already in place and building the brand new one. In addition, the network will help to reduce the risk of social marginality, to promote the respect to the territory and to put pressure on politicians and administrators.

What are the negative repercussions of the vision? On whom?

The risk of this network is the threat of misinterpreting the objectives due to the lack of availability of the members and the institutions involved to invest in a long-term perspective. The results of such a project are not immediate, and this can be a problem when funding is in question.

What is necessary for this future? (knowledge, policies, resources, skills, etc.)?

In order to implement such a network, it is needed to have a change of the cultural vision towards nature and environment in general, as well as towards the cooperation among citizens and associations.

It is needed to have facilitators or community builders (already available or to be trained) that can support, simplify and speed the building of such a network. Finally yet importantly, it is needed to have technological as well as societal tools to share and to spread the knowledge.

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