Futures Diamond boosts collaboration with RTOs in Poland

Futures Diamond has been fostering collaboration between Polish research organizations, academia, and industry, with a strong focus on supporting the development of competencies and knowledge in various domains, including technology transfer. In doing so, we have partnered with Technology Partners (Fundacja Partnerstwa Technologicznego) in several key areas that hold immense importance for the advancement of research and innovation:

  • Foresight-driven Research and Innovation: By leveraging our expertise in foresight methodologies, we aim to drive research and innovation initiatives that are future-oriented and aligned with emerging trends and opportunities.
  • Internationalisation of Science and Technology: Together, we will work towards enhancing the global presence and impact of Polish science and technology by fostering international collaborations, knowledge exchange, and participation in international research projects.
  • Knowledge Valorisation, Co-Creation, and Sharing: Recognizing the value of knowledge sharing and co-creation, we will jointly develop strategies and initiatives to maximize the utilization of research outcomes, promoting innovation and societal impact.
  • Development of National and International Research Undertakings: Our collaboration will actively contribute to the development and implementation of national and international research initiatives, driving progress in key priority areas.

We are pleased to announce that starting from June 1st, 2023, Dr. Rafael Popper will assume the role of Chief Scientific Advisor to Technology Partners to provide strategic scientific advice, supporting Technology Partners in their pursuit of excellence and impactful outcomes.

Together, Futures Diamond and Technology Partners are poised to create a synergistic environment where research organizations, academia, and industry can collaborate, share knowledge, and drive transformative innovation.

Background and Motivation

In a ground-breaking development, Poland's research and technology landscape underwent a transformative process during its journey towards EU accession. The revelation brought to light a critical issue plaguing Polish research and technology organizations (RTOs) - a lack of cooperation and a narrow focus that hindered their ability to tackle the interdisciplinary challenges of European industry.
However, in 2001, a visionary named Dr. Tomasz Kośmider took charge and embarked on a mission to address this pressing concern. Driven by the desire to generate collaborative projects in areas of mutual interest, he successfully convinced eight RTOs to unite and form the TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS Consortium. Recognizing the need for a legal representation for the Consortium, the TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS Foundation was established shortly thereafter, with Dr.Kośmider assuming the role of President.
Sadly, on the 29th of July 2017, the world lost Dr. Kośmider, a brilliant visionary whose ideas continue to resonate even today. Prior to his untimely passing, our team had the privilege of meeting Dr. Kośmider in Lima, Peru, during the early days of July that same year. During this meeting, Dr. Rafael Popper, pledged to honour Dr. Kośmider's legacy by contributing to the transformation of the Polish research and innovation ecosystem. The first concrete step taken towards this goal was the establishment of the Centre for Foresight and Internationalisation within the Łukasiewicz Research Network. Following this successful pilot initiative, Futures Diamond remains committed to fostering collaboration and driving interdisciplinary innovation in Poland, by joining forces with Technology Partners and other stakeholders, especially academia. Stay tuned for further updates as this remarkable journey unfolds.

More about Technology Partners at https://technologypartners.pl/