Organisational Innovation

Client: Łukasiewicz-ORGMASZ

Partners: Łukasiewicz Centre and Łukasiewicz Research Network Institutes

Duration: 9 months

Outcomes: Łukasiewicz - Centre for Foresight and Internationalisation established; Polskie Radio S.A. Economic Awards 2022 for Breakthrough Solution.

In a significant development, one of the institutes within the Łukasiewicz Research Network awarded Futures Diamond (UK) a service contract in September 2021. This contract tasked us with designing the foundational elements of a new pilot project —the Centre for Foresight and Internationalisation (CFI). Over the course of nine months, our dedicated team focused on shaping the vision, mission, values, budget plan, and operational framework of the CFI.

With a strong emphasis on strategic planning, we successfully established the regulations governing the new Centre and meticulously organised its official public launch event in November 2021. Our efforts also entailed building the necessary structures that laid a solid foundation for the CFI team's operations. The results were remarkable, with the CFI achieving significant milestones within its first year of operation:

  • 100 project openings and opportunities, providing a wealth of avenues for research and innovation collaboration.
  • 190 national and international partnerships forged, strengthening the CFI's network and fostering cooperation on a global scale.
  • 30 networking events and workshops held, facilitating knowledge exchange, ideation, and collaboration among stakeholders.
  • 7 memorandums of cooperation signed, solidifying strategic alliances and paving the way for future joint endeavours.
  • Recognition and acclaim: The CFI secured the 3rd place in the prestigious Polskie Radio S.A. Economic Awards 2022 for its Breakthrough Solution, which effectively supports Polish scientists in building international partnerships and consortia.
  • Exceptional return on investment: Through successful collaborative research and customer projects, the CFI achieved a 100% return on investment, with additional proposals submitted for evaluation.

Building on this resounding success, we have seized a new opportunity to make a transformative impact on the Polish research and innovation ecosystem. Another experienced Polish institution has approached us to collaborate on the design and deployment of a strategy and operational plan for a new and more agile Centre for Foresight and Internationalisation —CFI 2.0. This forward-thinking venture aims to support the consolidation of the research and innovation landscape, with a specific focus on enhancing the foresight and internationalization potential of academic and industrial players, including research and technology organizations (RTOs) beyond the Łukasiewicz network.

At Futures Diamond, we remain committed to shaping a thriving research and innovation ecosystem in Poland and beyond. Through strategic collaborations and our expertise in foresight and internationalisation, we strive to drive positive change and propel the nation's progress towards a prosperous future. Stay tuned for further updates as we embark on this exciting journey with our partners to create the next generation of transformative initiatives.