Executive Education

Client: 2000+ Professionals from 92 countries.

Partners: The University of Manchester, UK; 7 Universities in Latin America.

Duration: Annually since 1999.

Outcomes: 70+ Training and Executive Education courses on Foresight (Residential Executive Foresight Course; Short Online Courses; Foresight Training tailored-made to the needs of specific Industry or Government players).

At Futures Diamond, we bring extensive expertise in designing, organising, and delivering executive education and training courses to diverse audiences. Our courses are meticulously crafted to enhance competencies and skills in anticipating, recommending, and transforming research and innovation futures. The executive education and training programmes have been assisting participants to gain the knowledge and skills needed to unlock the potential to shape the future and to navigate tomorrow's landscape with more confidence.

While residential executive courses were traditionally favoured, the advent of COVID-19 prompted us to adapt and adopt a new approach. We now offer short executive courses that provide agile and rapid training on common methodologies and methods utilised in foresight, horizon scanning and futures studies. This approach caters to individuals interested in designing, implementing, coordinating, managing, or evaluating foresight projects or the application of specific foresight methods.


Over the past 2 decades, the members of Futures Diamond team, have collaborated with various research and education organizations to successfully orchestrate and execute a wide array of courses, including:

  • 70+ Training and Executive Education courses on Foresight (concepts, frameworks, methods, and best practices) and Sustainable Innovation. The courses have been conducted in 14 countries, both in-person and online, ensuring widespread accessibility. These include:
    • 26 Executive Education courses in collaboration with the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research at The University of Manchester, solidifying our partnership in fostering cutting-edge knowledge and practical insights.
    • 10 courses tailored for European Commission funded initiatives, demonstrating our commitment to supporting Europe's research and innovation endeavours.
    • 18 capacity building and professional development courses commissioned by public and private organizations seeking to empower their teams with future-focused skills and perspectives.
    • 12 courses designed specifically for United Nations agencies, including the renowned UNIDO's Technology Foresight Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean (TF LAC), UNIDO's TF Programme for Central and Eastern Europe and Newly Independent States (TF CEE/NIS), as well as collaborations with other UN bodies such as ECLAC and the United Nations University - CRIS.
    • 7 postgraduate courses, encompassing MSc and MBA teaching, primarily offered in partnership with The University of Manchester, nurturing the next generation of forward-thinking leaders.

The extensive network of 2,275 alumni hailing from 92 countries across the globe exemplifies the collective impact of the courses delivered by our team members, with their multiple affiliations. The alumni actively address societal challenges and seize opportunities in an increasingly turbulent and uncertain world.