Anticipation and Innovation

Boost your organisation’s resilience and sustainable innovation potential with our distinctive Anticipation and Innovation services. Our expertise spans forward-looking responsible research and innovation (RRI), trends and critical issues analysis. Uncover hidden opportunities through wild cards and weak signals analysis, supported by scenarios development. Trust us for technology scouting, megatrends analysis, and grand challenges research. We develop new conceptual and methodological frameworks driving sustainable innovation assessment and management. Let us map foresight processes and analyse the eight types of innovations, revolutionizing products, services, organizations, processes, systems, marketing, social impact, and business models. Together, let's shape a future of limitless possibilities.

Get in touch as these are some of the ways we can help you:

  • Developing scenarios, visions and roadmaps
  • Assessing and managing sustainable innovations
  • Recognising (mega)trends and societal challenges
  • Creating conceptual and methodological frameworks
  • Analysing critical issues, wild cards and weak signals