The future is always uncertain, and there is no guarantee that predictions will be accurate. This is where sound advice comes in. Our Senior Advisor in Foresight and Technology Transfer is a critical partner in any foresight process. He is armed with a superpower that can cut through the noise and bring clarity to the world of decision-making. He helps clients to avoid costly mistakes, common biases and cognitive errors, by making sense of complex information, providing a valuable perspective, and developing strategies to deal with potential risks and opportunities that lay ahead.

Guillermo is a Senior Researcher and Advisor in Technology Transfer and Foresight at Futures Diamond Ltd., Scientific Leader of Innovation and Technology Transfer in the Flagship ‘Human Brain Project’ of the European Commission, and director of the Spanish Node of the research infrastructure EBRAINS. He is also Honorary Research Fellow at the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIOIR) of the University of Manchester (UoM) in the UK, where he completed a doctoral thesis on the generation of sound advice with Foresight. His academic background also includes a MPhil in Economics and Innovation Management and a BEng in Industrial Organization from the Technical University of Madrid. He has over twenty years of experience working as Director of Innovation in different industrial companies, and fifteen years as researcher and consultant for different institutions in Europe and Latin America, including the European Commission, the European Space Agency, and the United Nations. He has developed action research to provide valuable insights for the European Research Area and contributed to the design of a new framework for the assessment and management of sustainable innovation in the EU-funded CASI project. He has also been involved in Horizon Scanning of Emerging Health Technologies for the UK National Health System, and has experience as SAP certified associated consultant in Design Thinking methodologies for product development and innovation.

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