Monika is our lovely boss lady CEO who understands that success is not just about hitting targets and achieving bottom lines, but about building meaningful relationships with clients, partners, and diverse teams. Her strong soft skills are the foundation of her leadership, which allow her to navigate complex social dynamics and create a company culture of empathy, collaboration, and innovation. She has a heart of gold that cares deeply about her team, who couldn't be more proud and pleased to work alongside her.

After completing her BSc (Honours) in Environmental Health, Monika pursued postgraduate studies in Healthcare Management at the Manchester Business School. Joining Futures Diamond Ltd. in 2011 as a Project and Workforce Manager, she played a pivotal role in managing ICT-enabled innovations for sustainability assessment, forward-looking research, and policy advice. Since 2020, she has assumed the role of Managing Director. In recent years she has worked in the area of future-oriented innovation assessment and management; mapping critical issues and collaborating with relevant stakeholders to create growth, competitiveness and sustainability of innovations.

In her role as a researcher and innovation manager, she has reviewed developments and implementation of cybersecurity, health and safety, food security, data security and privacy, healthcare, and sustainable innovation (SI) policies and platforms, amongst other research and technology development activities. She has acted as Principle Investigator in a number of projects for the European Commission, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the UK Department of Health, Mouchel Consulting, The Gulf Cooperation Council, The University of Manchester, and University of Milano-Bicocca, amongst others.

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