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'Your passport to the future' is now available


Your passport to the futureDiscover our Suite of Systems for Research and Innovation (R&I).

Our R&I solutions are powered by Diamond Frame, a fully-fledged content management system (CMS+), which allows your organisation to manage the content and functionalities of the FD Suite of Systems. Diamond Frame supports a wide range of user-friendly modular and customisable R&I systems, including:

  • R&I Bank - to gather and codify strategic intelligence.
  • R&I Scanner - to navigate through your strategic intelligence.
  • R&I Tracker - to improve high-level management of key agendas.
  • R&I Community - to support networking and stakeholder engagement.
  • R&I Library - to collect and map codified knowledge and documents.
  • R&I Mapper - to systematically monitor, analyse and position R&I.
  • R&I Delphi - to assess and prioritise your strategic intelligence.

Click here to download 'Your passport to the future'