05.04.2017 - by Monika Popper

EU cities and regions in the role of societal pioneers and forerunners in building sustainable innovation eco-systems

The 13th (out of 14) EU-level policy brief written by our colleague Anita Tregner-Mlinaric from META Group, emphasises the role and importance of EU cities and regions as pioneers and forerunners in addressing societal challenges, through building sustainable innovation eco-systems. The brief provides an overview of the current EU initiatives promoting further development of its cities and regions, supported by examples of good SI practice based on the collaborative models that demonstrate the potential of the regional schemes. Full brief can be downloaded here.

Great thanks to our colleague Anita for her research that led to interesting policy topics and, on several occasion, set the scene for the national policy briefs produced by project partners and country correspondents. Thank you for your determination, hard work and great results and looking forward to read the upcoming (final) policy brief on the results, challenges and impact of the CASI project.